Compare and contrast

Filesharing in the US: software companies are held liable for any copyright infringements committed by their users.

Guns in the US: the government is attempting to ensure that gun companies are not held liable for any crimes committed by their users.

Filesharing and guns: both used legitimately as well as by criminals. Filesharing crime: harmless. Gun crime: deadly. Priorities: fucked up. (via)

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More sharpenings

I’ve got a new article about Theo Van Gogh on the Sharpener. It’s expanded from a comment I made in The Silly Place. Give it a read, call me an idiot, etc.

A couple of other good bits on the Sharpener at the minute, too: The Future Dictionary of Great Britain (e.g. "Fascist (n). A person whose views the speaker disagrees with. Antonym: Centrist"). Also Yusuf Smith on how most people who comment on Al Qaeda know sod-all about Islamic history or theology, and therefore say entirely witless things (Nosemonkey in the comments suggests that it’s akin to someone who doesn’t understand the difference between a Catholic and a Protestant attemping to analyse the Northern Ireland troubles…)

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The Terrorists Have Already Won

Well, no, they haven’t. But this is a fucking lame effort on the police’s part. A suggestion: policemen should stop worrying about trainspotters taking photos of them, and focus more on not shooting innocent people in the head (as the writer says, it’s lucky she wasn’t wearing a coat or carrying a rucksack…)

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