Excellent use of the Internet

Planning instant flashmobs to annoy officious security officials is a very good call indeed.

On the subject of ‘annoying officious idiots’, three cheers to mad antiwar tramp Brian Haw and the British judiciary. It’s just as well that Charles Clarke and his authoritarian cronies are as incompetent as they are evil. Rather like the terrorists, in fact…

Meanwhile, the Metropolitan police appear to be continuing their Death Wish-esque vigilante attacks, although at least this time it sounds like they may have found some terrorist affiliates to shoot at. Ian Blair really is the most appalling cunt, isn’t he? It takes an enormous dose of Utter Cuntness to – the week after you’ve shot an innocent man through a massive fuckup and refused to apologise – criticise another police force for successfully catching a terrorist without killing anybody.

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We Get Libelled

"jb – I already sussed out your purpose on these boards weeks ago, along with a few others. Fact is you may well be blowing yourself up sometime in the future, although for the time being you have opted for the safer choice of patrolling these and similar boards. Since I am well aware of Islamist strategy against our society, as are most of us here, I’d be more surprised if you and your kind weren’t here.

"I’m willing to bet that I could torture any of you Islamist ‘heroes’ and you wouldn’t be able to resist, and I could also tell if you were lying to me, same as I know that you are misrepresenting yourself here, but you don’t have a clue as to how I know, and I won’t be telling you. For the record, All of the ‘government regimes’ you really work for already do torture people in what you call ‘your name’. You are the scum of the earth." – the Biased BBC comments reach new levels of strange.

Update: the same commenter explains to a perplexed bystander that I’m definitely an Islamist, not a leftie: "They use left philosophy to further their ambitions- but are definitely not leftist. Don’t ask me to explain how one can see the difference, because I don’t wish to help them refine their skills. You surely have communicated with lefties enough to spot it yourself."

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All Muslims are the same, innit?

OK, I might be reading this story wrong, but it sounds like the Yanks have just sentenced some dodgy, Islamist chap to 75 years in jail for supporting Al Qaeda, when what he actually did was to give money to Hamas (update: and make unverified boasts about how he was mates with Osama and how he’d given the latter loads of money – just like the way in which I’m mates with Johnny Depp and totally landed him his big break in movies).

This seems a trifle unreasonable (hard to it is to summon up any pity for the defendant in question) in that the latter have never attacked or threatened, and don’t pose any threat towards, the US. The defendant really ought to be jailed in Israel, or jailed on the basis of actual evidence that he gave money to America’s enemies…

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Who said this?

"This struggle, under conditions of an overwhelming predominance of imperialist Crusader relationships on the world arena, must inevitably lead to explosions, that is, internally to civil wars and externally to revolutionary wars. Therein lies the permanent character of the Islamic revolution as such… The Islamic revolution begins on the national arena, it unfolds on the international arena, and is completed on the world arena."

Certain words, but not the sentence structure or meaning, may have been changed.

The Pine Marten, who pointed me to this quote in the first place, has now written a related and interesting article.

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Name that religious text

Which religion’s holy book suggests that if a girl gets raped in a town, it’s her own fault and she should be executed for being such a dirty slut?

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Fucking ridiculous

"Jean Charles de Menezes, the Brazilian shot dead in the head, was not wearing a heavy jacket that might have concealed a bomb, and did not jump the ticket barrier…" – here.

This is a bad, bad, bad fuck-up. Perhaps all the knee-jerk cop defenders (‘no, he MUST have been a terrorist… well, if he wasn’t then he MUST have been really stupid to run from uniformed police… well, OK, not uniformed, but he MUST have been really stupid to jump the tube barrier the day after some failed bombs, and he *was* wearing a suspiciously heavy jacket. And liberals like you practically support the terrorists’) will now apologise.

Ian Blair’s press management skills really are exemplary – leaking crime scene and unexploded bomb pictures to last night’s ABC news successfully kept the news that his officers apparently wasted an innocent man on the basis of nothing whatsoever off today’s front pages…

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Lehrer moment

Right. I’m giving up satire:

OK, so it actually appeared in the Express, and it didn’t mention house prices. Even so, uncanny. Man. (via)

Today’s Daily Mail headline is slightly different, in that it consists of self-pitying outrage. It reminds me mostly of Brian’s mum’s speech at the end of Life of Brian: "So, there you are! I might have known it would end up like this. To think of all the love and affection I’ve wasted on you. Well, if that’s how you treat your poor old mother in the autumn years of her life, all I can say is, ‘Go ahead. Be crucified. See if I care’…".

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