A foreword by the author to the 2012 reprint

If you like offensive blogs from seven years ago, then you’ve come to almost exactly the right place. This was one of the UK’s more popular (or at least, more visited) political blogs from 2003-2005. The final post from the original blog gives a good indication of how that ancient history panned out. All the original comments from the site are also preserved, although WordPress isn’t showing the number of comments by post on index pages (for mildly annoying reasons that aren’t worth fixing). All images and internal URLs should now work, as well.

On the other hand, if you prefer blogs that aren’t seven years out of date, then my current blog is Banditry; I also occasionally write articles for Liberal Conspiracy, and I wrote a fair few pieces for now-defunct group blog The Sharpener, also now archived around these parts. Or if you prefer media forms that aren’t themselves retro-tending-to-obsolete, then I’m on Twitter.

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