Disjointed thoughts

How can something so boring be so interesting?

Will the President ever sack so many minions that he has to take responsibility for something himself?

Is 47 years a sensible sentence for someone who’s clearly and undeniably a venal tit but not a terrorist? (if you dispute my categorisation, read here. If you still dispute my categorisation, then learn how to read).

What kind of gormless blinkered right-wing arsewit can possibly claim that Hollywood is liberal, in the week where a pro-exorcism movie tops the box office? (answer: many. Best example left in the comments wins some kind of prize.)

Finally, yay us! Good effort; it’s nice to see the British police and judiciary conspiring to lock up foreigners who’re actually guilty and actually deserve it… shame he was tipped off, really.

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2 thoughts on “Disjointed thoughts

  1. "… a venal tit but not a terrorist"

    To my astonishment you’re right — despite the fact that almost everything else is terrorism these days, flogging anti-aircraft missiles apparently isn’t.

  2. Oh, one other thing — if this chap is a venal tit just for trying to sell arms to somebody who (it seemed to him) was a bit unpleasant, wouldn’t that make Donald Rumsfeld a venal tit too?

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