Lehrer moment

Right. I’m giving up satire:

OK, so it actually appeared in the Express, and it didn’t mention house prices. Even so, uncanny. Man. (via)

Today’s Daily Mail headline is slightly different, in that it consists of self-pitying outrage. It reminds me mostly of Brian’s mum’s speech at the end of Life of Brian: "So, there you are! I might have known it would end up like this. To think of all the love and affection I’ve wasted on you. Well, if that’s how you treat your poor old mother in the autumn years of her life, all I can say is, ‘Go ahead. Be crucified. See if I care’…".

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Compare and contrast

Filesharing in the US: software companies are held liable for any copyright infringements committed by their users.

Guns in the US: the government is attempting to ensure that gun companies are not held liable for any crimes committed by their users.

Filesharing and guns: both used legitimately as well as by criminals. Filesharing crime: harmless. Gun crime: deadly. Priorities: fucked up. (via)

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More sharpenings

I’ve got a new article about Theo Van Gogh on the Sharpener. It’s expanded from a comment I made in The Silly Place. Give it a read, call me an idiot, etc.

A couple of other good bits on the Sharpener at the minute, too: The Future Dictionary of Great Britain (e.g. "Fascist (n). A person whose views the speaker disagrees with. Antonym: Centrist"). Also Yusuf Smith on how most people who comment on Al Qaeda know sod-all about Islamic history or theology, and therefore say entirely witless things (Nosemonkey in the comments suggests that it’s akin to someone who doesn’t understand the difference between a Catholic and a Protestant attemping to analyse the Northern Ireland troubles…)

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