Brave Sir Robin

Conservative writer Lee Ellis compares George Bush and John Kerry [blog dead, now a malware site]: “here we have a draft dodger who accidentally found himself in the Vietnam War compared with a presidential candidate who flew many missions in a dangerous plane out over the Atlantic, completing five years of military service in the Texas Air National Guard”.

At least, I think he’s a conservative writer. If he’s a satirist, then the world is ever so slightly less dangerously mad than I currently believe it to be.

(via World O’Crap, which is worth a read).

No-good boyos

Saw a nice parody quote today: "rage, rage against the lying of the Right". Good advice for all.

From a quick Googling, the quote seems to have been made up by Kos commenter Maryscott O’Connor, who therefore deserves much respect. I wonder if Dylan Thomas would have approved? From his work (and everything biographical I’ve read about him, which isn’t much), he doesn’t seem to have much of a political outlook at all…

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So I lied, very slightly

Christopher Hitchens thinks Kerry stormed the first presidential debate, as does everyone else with eyes and ears.

However, his article containst a bizarre quote: "I have forgotten to mention Kerry’s dishonesty. This takes two forms: Saying things he knows are false and making claims he cannot back up", followed by no examples from the debate transcript (indeed, based on my reading of the debate, there are no such examples [*]).

This might be down to vicious subediting, and perhaps under the principle of charity we should assume that this is the case. After all, I doubt a writer of Mr Hitchens’ calibre would stoop to tossing in irrelevant smears of his opponents disguised as factual asides…

(via Norm)

[*] I don’t mean by this that Mr Kerry has never made claims that he couldn’t back up, merely that the speech doesn’t contain any such claims. Mr Hitchens might as well have added a paragraph in the middle of the speech review saying "I have forgotten to mention Mr Bush’s history of alcoholism and irresponsibility".

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Vanity publishing

I don’t have time to post content today, but here’s an extremely silly photo of me from a few years ago. Viva el Che, etc (it’s too wide to fit on the blog, so you’ll have to click the link).

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Quick waiting for taxi post

Someone found SBBS last night by Googling for ‘melanie philips insane’. Sadly, I’m only the number 10 hit for this (her own site is top, obviously).

But the Google excerpting progress produced excellent results on one of the other hits, from Andrew Ian Dodge: "This lot are mad alright, totally insane more like. … Harry Hatchet; Peter Cuthbertson; Blognor Regis; Natalie Solent; Melanie Phillips; Oliver Kamm".

This may be the first time Andrew and I have agreed on anything (although admittedly it’s somewhat harsh on Harry).

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Before I go

The BBC’s decision to ban religious comedy Popetown is absolutely shit. For a start, Catholics are seditious traitors who shouldn’t be allowed to flaunt their evil Popeish influence in our glorious Protestant land. It says so in the law, and everything.

More importantly, religion is silly, and causing religious offence is a glorious and excellent way to spend one’s time.

Should anyone be wishing to raise cheap debating points about politically correct selective religious tolerance, I’d like to make clear that I believe Mohammed fucked goats, Buddha was a greedy fat bastard, and that the Greek (and then Roman – fucking wops, stealing everyone else’s ideas) gods piss all over everyone else’s with their eyes shut.

And you can’t complain about that. Melissa Henry says so.

Update: forgot to say, via Will Generaltheoryofrubbish

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Discuss throwing

…or whatever other topic you wish. I’m unlikely to make any new posts before Sunday night, unless I discover ways to make my various mobile phones use the Web properly.

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