Brave Sir Robin

Conservative writer Lee Ellis compares George Bush and John Kerry [blog dead, now a malware site]: “here we have a draft dodger who accidentally found himself in the Vietnam War compared with a presidential candidate who flew many missions in a dangerous plane out over the Atlantic, completing five years of military service in the Texas Air National Guard”.

At least, I think he’s a conservative writer. If he’s a satirist, then the world is ever so slightly less dangerously mad than I currently believe it to be.

(via World O’Crap, which is worth a read).

3 thoughts on “Brave Sir Robin

  1. Personally, it makes me respect Kerry even more: He even took video cameras with him to use in making political ads that could be used to promote himself as a war hero in his campaigns. – on top of everything else, it seems John Kerry invented personal, easily portable video cameras in the 60s. Is there anything beyond this man?

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