Top-notch Yankery

Brilliant posts from John Cole and The Editors on the Newsweek/Koran-flushing, followed by general riffing about dishonesty and idiocy (in both cases). From the latter:

"If people say they are going to do something, and then they do it, and then they say they’re going to do something else, and they do that, too, and on and on, you should assume they’re going to do what they say they’re going to do. Even if they aren’t looking at you when they say it.

"Conversely, if they consistantly tell you they are going to do things they never do, it is worth considering the possibility that you’re a big, huge, gigantic, bitch. Even if they look you right in the eyes and say "freedom" every two seconds."

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One thought on “Top-notch Yankery

  1. "Get your Crazy Frog ringtone here!"

    Christ almighty. I know you’re probably earning Soroslike sums from the Google adverts, but is it really worth the humiliation?

    (Not even the pretence of being on-topic, I’m afraid.)

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