On a roll

I’ve replaced the list of linked weblogs on my right: it now matches up with the feeds and categories in my RSS reader.

So if you’re not on it, this is either because I don’t read your site, or because I’ve forgotten to subscribe to it. If you think I should be subscribed to, reading, and therefore linking to, your site, then explain why in the comments.

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6 thoughts on “On a roll

  1. *sniff*

    I’ll try and think of something interesting to write soon.

    But my increasing habit of posting from Flickr probably fucks things up in RSS readers.

  2. Ta.

    Glad to see your Google-ads at the top of the page have moved away from plugging the crazy bastard frog ringtone.

  3. Thanks! I’ve moved, actually, and deleted all my archives only to rise, phoenix-like, from the hell in cyberspace that is Blogger:


  4. There seems no place on your blogroll for the insanely loopy right-wing sites with which you keep us so entertained. But we know you must read them daily…

  5. I think you should be linking to my site ‘Stuff and Nonsense’ http://nonstuff.blogspot.com/ because… er… because it’s green.

    Oh, and because I have still have the Magazine single ‘Shot By Both Sides’ in the original picture sleeve.*

    *possibly. The wife has been ‘tidying up’.

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