Nutter of the day

Shorter USS Neverdock: "Why should we care about our troops torturing Muslims and desecrating Islamic symbols, when some Muslims torture Christians and desecrate the Bible?"

An actual quote: "Hollywood’s latest crusade movie rewrites history to make the Christians the bad guys". Like the way Schindler’s List rewrote history to make the Germans the bad guys, presumably. Another: "First we have to admit that we are at war and the enemy is Islam, distasteful as that is, it is accurate".

No, first we have to admit that you’re a fucking nutcase, and that the only reason not to oppose anti-free-speech religious protection laws is that at least they’d send a few wankers like you to Belmarsh…

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13 thoughts on “Nutter of the day

  1. Christ on a bike, (or should that be Christ standing righteously over a soggy Koran), that really is the most idiotic post I’ve ever seen. The xians were the good guys in the crusades? I hear the inquistition was another xian high point. And they said to read some history.
    They’re winding us up? Right? Please tell me they’re winding us up.

  2. I would have thought "without a doubt the most vile blog I have ever read" is the kind of thing John would trumpet from the rafters.

  3. "They’re winding us up? Right? Please tell me they’re winding us up." Oh, I dunno. Personally I’ve long felt that Urban II had a point. Come on, you guys, admit it: Al-Hakim bi-amr-Allah started the trouble. And the Seljuk Turks weren’t exactly models of multicultural coexistence, were they now?

  4. So we are not at war with Islam then? Must have been the Salvation Army Air Corps or the militant wing of the Mickey Mouse club that slit the crew’s throats and flew airliners into the WTC…….

  5. Natalie, I think you actually are winding us up.
    Al-Hakim be-amr-Allah v Urban II?
    I think the saying goes something like "two religious nut jobs do not make a right".

  6. Stuart – yeah, and we’re at war with fucking Christianity because of Timothy McVeigh as well.

    (at this point, I’d like to make clear that should anyone mention the bollocks made-up nonsense about McVeigh being helped by Mysterious Dark Islamic Forces, I’ll track them down and painfully kill them to death.)

    Natalie – I’m sceptical that if some Muslims slaughter some Coptic leaders, this gives the Catholics the moral right to go in and slaughter everyone on both sides…

  7. > the bollocks made-up nonsense about McVeigh being helped by Mysterious Dark Islamic Forces

    I’ve seen references to this bollocks made-up nonsense, but never the bollocks made-up nonsense itself. What I have seen is the observation that McVeigh’s complaints against the US had a lot in common with Al Qaeda’s, which is true.

    As for Kingdom Of Heaven, well, I have little idea whether it rewrites history (though I would guess, like most historical films, it does), but it doesn’t make the Christians out to be the bad guys: it makes the Church leadership out to be the bad guys. To watch the film without noticing that all its heroes are Christians is a sign of immense stupidity. Not to be able to distinguish between "Christians" and "The Pope" likewise.

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