Hang Ashcroft

I’ve long been a keen advocate of the procedure outlined in the title of this post.

However, I’ve somehow managed to miss the slime-feeding pigfucker’s [1] latest outrage – the decision to prosecute Greenpeace for being a criminal organisation, under an obscure 19th century law designed to deter corrupt prostitutes from kidnapping sailors.

Whatever you think of Greenpeace (I’m sceptical of many of their campaigns, they unequivocally made things worse for the environment with their lobbying on the Brent Spar case, and opponents of nuclear power are doing almost as much to harm the environment as cigar-chewing Texan oilmen…), this is an outrage.

Speaking of US Justice Department outrages, how’s about using fingerprint identification alone to find someone and hold them indefinitely as a ‘terrorist’? That’s *using a national fingerprint database*, not checking the fingerprints of suspects. With 1 in 2.5 million accuracy, there are 100 other people in the US who it also could be.

But it’s OK – we know this one can’t be a false positive, because the guy’s a Muslim and has already spoken out against the internment of terrorist suspects. Remember kids – if you’ve got nothing to hide, you’ve got nothing to fear.

(latter story via Made Out Of People, itself via Crooked Timber)

[1] John Ashcroft frequently brings out my inner Hunter S Thompson…

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India’s corrupt sectarian rabble-rousers appear to have lost the election to India’s corrupt secular non-rabble-rousers.

This is an improvement.

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My milk snake brings all the boys to the yard.

And damn right, it’s better than yours.

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The death of American civilian Nick Berg (who actually was a civilian, not a mercenary) in Iraq at the hands of decapitating lunatics is sad.

It doesn’t, however, matter in the slightest in wider terms – and the commentators using it as a counterexample to the prison brutality in Abu Ghraib are incredibly wrong.

Of course the decapitating lunatics will murder civilians: that’s what they’re there for. The US Army, however, is not. The fact that American soldiers don’t (so far) appear to have recorded videos of themselves *murdering* prisoners is not something to feel terribly proud about.

It’s as if I were to try and justify the worst excesses of the British empire by using the vilest actions of anti-colonialists. In other words, offensive to all concerned, and an extraordinarily stupid thing to try and do.

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There’s no cannibalism in the US Army

Absolutely none, and when I say none, I mean there is a certain amount.

And, finally, necrophilia is *right* out.

(oddly, I can’t find a link to the Iraq prison / necrophilia scandal rumours)

Update: oops. For those of you confused about why I’m denying cannibalism in the US army, I’m paraphrasing a Monty Python sketch. Meant to explain that before…

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Just following my lead

Andrew Sullivan very nearly admits he was wrong about the war. At least, he admits that he was wrong to believe the Administration were sufficiently competent to fight the war without fucking it up.

While gay liberal Republicans make up a fairly small proportion of GWB’s supporters, it would be nice to believe that this meme could spread to more mainstream Americans. If John Kerry were elected because of his greater perceived competence in military and foreign policy, this would be a particularly sweet victory.

On the other hand, this relies on mainstream GWB voters being as intelligent and well-informed as Andrew Sullivan. Oh well…

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I’m back to the 7-days-a-week, 12-hours-a-day working thing for the rest of May, so bloggage here may be limited.

Meantime, here’s a site encouraging you to vote in the European elections next month. Vote early, vote often, etc.

The jooglebomb seems to have lost impetus, with sensible definitions of Jew slipping somewhat and being replaced by more unfortunate ones. This is a Bad Thing, and whether Jew or Gentile, I urge you to do something about it…

On a related topic: should you happen to have found this site via a Google search, John Negroponte is not Jewish. Stop having stupid antisemitic conspiracy theories, and instead start hating him for being an evil bastard who backed murdering death squads. Also, to the Canadian who searched for “black people being shot” – you’re very weird.

Finally, Matthew Parris has some interesting views on the President’s re-election.

For those of you deprived of the benefits of living in the UK (chiefly rain, pies, dark beer and free access to the Times website), he believes Mr Bush needs to be re-elected and finish his plans, in order to demonstrate absolutely to the rest of the world how disastrous, wrong and certain to fail the neoconservative idea of imposing democracy through war is.

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Don’t talk about Fight Club

If ‘football’ hooligans decide that they want to have a fight with each other, at a deserted railway station, away from any football games that might be made unpleasant by their actions (and certainly well away from any non-consensual ‘victims’), why the fuck should we stop them?

Even if we do want to stop them, why the fuck should we waste enormous quantities of money sending them to jail for an average of two years each? You don’t get a much longer sentence than that for seriously battering someone who *doesn’t want to be battered*. Anyone sane would surely admit that consent is a pretty salient point…

The government has finally overhauled the law concerning sexual offences to take “consenting adult”-ness into account as the only important factor. It’s about time we did the same with all other offences.

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