Swivel-eyed update

A quality spittle-flecked rant from the Everything Was Better In The Past brigade for your delectation. The bit where the writer calls City analysts ‘reliable’ is particularly amusing.

The article also contains several examples of perhaps the most offensive grammatical error possible – misspelling and mispunctuating ‘grammar schools’. Come on, if they’re the focus (focus is perhaps the wrong word here, but no matter) of the article, you really could try and make an effort to avoid constructions like ‘Gramar’s’…

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6 thoughts on “Swivel-eyed update

  1. You’re either an ironic genius, or you’ve made the cardinal error of blog-posting about someone’s poor spelling: ‘constuctions’

  2. The guy may be a fuckwit in many ways but closing most of the Grammar schools was a stupid thing to do. Much as I detest Labour it’s not all their fault either, the Conservatives got rid of slightly more of them. Bastards all.

  3. Now just delete my comment, and no-one will be any the wiser… ;)

    And yes. It’s Andrew’s first law of blogging:

    1. The likelihood of a grammatical or spelling error in a given blog post is directly proportional to the undesirability of having one occur.

  4. One of the very (very) few reasons to be even within vicinity of approaching gratitude for Thatcher’s existence is that she closed boroughloads of grammar schools. Hateful system, still more hateful that New Labour are aksing assorted hedge fund speculators and Christian fundamentalists to reintroduce by the backdoor.

  5. Yes, a hateful system that allowed greater class mobility by giving bright kids from poorer backgrounds the chance of a decent education.

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