Smoking, again

If you’re an objectively pro-fascist smoking would-be-banner, you might be interested to read about your spiritual predecessor, Turkish Sultan Murad IV. His anti-smoking measures included a particularly effective technique to deter proprietors from allowing people to smoke on their premises. I’m sure the lovely Ms Flint is taking notes…

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5 thoughts on “Smoking, again

  1. Now, now. It’s perfectly possible to be in favour of eliminating the dangers of passive smoking without being objectively pro-fascist.

    And if we’re going to polarise the debate, then it’ll end up being between the objectively pro-fascist amongst us and the psychotic mass-murderers who seek to inflict their deadly toxic smoke upon all the little children and puppies of the world.

  2. I like to "inflict my deadly toxic smoke upon all the little children and puppies". Of course when I say smoke I mean mustard gas, or sarin, or the crazy frog music.

  3. or the crazy frog music.

    Do not go there. Just don’t. Twice now I have had to tell people that a library is not an appropriate place to be playing that ‘music’ loudly on a computer. The second time, it got stuck in my head. Just the mention of the phrase makes me twitch and get flashbacks.


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