A modern major degenerate

ID cards: they’re great. Oh, no, wait, they aren’t. But this NO2ID animation is, for the song, the lyrics and the canine pianist. On a similar subject, go and pledge to refuse them (this pledge is a little more realistic than its predecessor, so doubly recommended).

I’m sure Rowan Williams would disapprove. But his speech mostly just left me impressed at the irony of a minister of religion describing bloggage (or indeed, anything else) as "paranoid fantasy, self-indulgent nonsense and dangerous bigotry". I guess he’d know…

(via Sarah, everyone and Chris B, respectively)

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Ranking liberal dreads

According to the font of all wisdom, all Mainstream BBC-ite Liberal Lefties must like people in this order, and ignore all abuses committed by groups higher up the scale towards groups lower down the scale:

1) Muslims

2) Blacks

3) Gays

4) Women

5) Jews

6) Christians

This would be why nobody on the Mainstream BBC-ite Liberal Left ever criticises Darfur (1 on 2), dancehall reggae twats (2 on 3 and 4) or Islamic states’ myriad womens’ rights abuses (1 and 2 on 4), then.

Oh, classicness from the same thread: "I recommend jihadwatch.org generally as a forum for people who are afraid that their heads are going to be cut off in the long run". I wholeheartedly agree, although I’d add "and for people who like to marvel at aforementioned paranoid crazyloons".

Does one need one’s brain removed to hold the opinions of the ‘dhimmitude’-spouting right, or merely one’s eyes and ears?

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Embittered Yanks

I trust you already read Scott Burgess. Although rather right-wing, he’s witty and often good at exposing newspaper idiocy [*].

Like Mr Burgess, The American Expat is a right-wing, middle-aged disgruntled American living in the UK who believes himself to be exposing newspaper idiocy. Sadly, his exposés are rather less than convincing, his Powerline-esque rants are merely tragic, and his wit doesn’t appear to exist (although he is far more readable and less insane than USS Neverdock, written by, erm, a middle-aged, right-wing, etc…) And the Adam Smith Institute have confirmed my existing beliefs about their lack of taste and judgement by labelling the Expat their Blog Of The Week.

It’s a bit odd though. Pretty much all the Americans I’ve met in the UK have been left-wing anti-Bush-ites, which makes sense: given that the majority of Brits loathe and despise the chimp-creature, you’d need to be a trifle masochistic to come over here as an admirer of his horrible schemes… And yet I’m barely aware of a sensible-left (or frothing loony-left, come to that) blog kept by an American expat over here.

Anyone who (knows of/keeps) one that isn’t rubbish, drop me a line and I’ll plug it.

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Things to look forward to

"Personally, I’ve got very bored with sex. But then I’m in my mid 30s" – David T at Harry’s Place.

Me, I’m hoping to stay on the Indecent Left until I’m too old to move…

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Theory of Work

Will Rubbish has a splendid treatise on how to reconcile working in a wanky, semi-professional corporate job with being true to your socialist principles, should you have any.

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Idiot of the century

"Sounds like whites are the new Kulak[s]" – ‘Brian‘ on UK racial politics.

No, what you’re doing there is confusing a privileged majority who lead rather pleasant and agreeable lives, with a hated minority who are being brutally exterminated. So you’re wrong in both concept (the whites are in charge in the UK and aren’t being even slightly oppressed) and degree (while other races are discriminated against in the UK, this tends not to involve brutal state-sanctioned murder).

Good one.

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That bastard Mugabe

Robert Mugabe is an excellent example of someone who I loathe and despise, despite the fact that he also annoys a great many right-wing idiots.

"Comrade Mugabe is an anti-colonialist hero to many [people on the left]. He got his lifetime pass long ago – and he’s been using it for a very long time".

Bullshit. I’ve read *nothing* from anyone on the left defending Mugabe. Indeed, organisations that That Type Of Right-Wing Idiot despises, like the UN, NGOs and the BBC, are precisely the ones that have been raising awareness of Mugabe’s evilness and attempting to provide aid so that his mad policies kill fewer people.

Perhaps more to the point, it’s these idiots’ pet Stupid, Lying That It Was Humanitarian But Actually Slaughtering Tens Of Thousands Of Iraqis War that has discredited the concept of humanitarian military intervention for a generation.

If we were to send Western troops to Zimbabwe, Sudan, or indeed *anywhere else*, the countries’ leaders and their neighbours and allies would immediately scream that we were attempting another Iraq-style war of colonisation, and that tens or hundreds of thousands of people would die.

Worse still, this would be the most logically sensible conclusion to draw.

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Great predictions of our time

"In the face of a danger that the left, the Church of England, much of the establishment, the press and the French denied really existed, a lone voice told the truth unashamedly again and again until events forced the rest of the nation to listen. This brave politician faced public obloquy and collapsing political popularity, until he was proved right, when he became the most popular prime minister in recent memory". – Andrew Roberts in 2003.

Wonder what he’d say now? One of a) "yes, you’re right; I was a twat and we shouldn’t have invaded" or b) "Err, Ba’athist terror, mass graves, babies in incubators, lying Lancet lefties, err, everything thought he was a threat, err, 9/11, Madrid, beacon of democracy, eight million voters, purple fingers, err, schools and hospitals, err, not as many as before we invaded but that’s the terrorists’ fault, err, better quality of life, except that it isn’t… oh fuck it, I just feel manly when we bomb people", I reckon.

(quote via Jamie)

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We heart George Galloway

Of course, we all know George Galloway is a bit of a wanker. But anyone who angers frothing right-wing maniacs so much that they write this kind of hilarious drivel must be more of a force for good than for evil.

Mr Galloway, I salute your courage, your strength, your indefatigability. Mr Poosh, I salute your absolute fucking insanity.

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