Corporatespeak spreads

Just got a message from the IT department about the phones being broken, which includes the line: "we are liaising with our service provider."

Oi! If it were an email from the marketing department or some random director, that would be painful but expected. But it’s the IT department. Surely "we’re giving the bastards hell" would be a more appropriate response…?

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6 thoughts on “Corporatespeak spreads

  1. Everyone has to speak like that nowadays. I read a particularly Orwellian email policy yesterday – any kind of freedom of expression is verboten.

  2. You know what pisses me off? People who think that "myself" means "me", only cleverer.

    "You can contact myself if you have any problems."
    "And was it yourself who was dealing with this?"
    "Why don’t yourself learn to speak yourself’s own fucking language?"

  3. John, having spent enough time in corporate IT in the past to get off several million years of purgatory, I can assure you that ‘bastards/hell’ is precisely the reality of the conversation that that message glosses over. With you all the way on the extermination of the bland though. I’d start with the marketing division myself . .

  4. If it’s a Government PFI IT project, then ‘giving the bastards hell’ is the one thing guarenteed NOT to happen. ‘Giving them yet more money’ would be more like it.

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