The Kamm-ite masses

Nosemonkey at Europhobia points out an amusing howler by Oliver Kamm (describing Gerhard Schroder as "the most feckless and unprincipled Chancellor in the history of democratic Germany", thereby implying that Hitler was principled and, err, feckful).

All very amusing. But not as amusing as the comments section, where an ignorant, arrogant, anonymous Kamm-ite wanker accuses Nosemonkey of all kinds of stupidity and ignorance on the basis of, err, nothing whatsoever.

I wonder if it’s the great man himself?

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6 thoughts on “The Kamm-ite masses

  1. I don’t see Nosemonkey’s point, there. Hitler was a very bad man, but it’s ludicrous to say that because his principles were abominable he was feckless or unprincipled.

  2. Hmm. I see your point there, actually. The arrogant idiot in Nosemonkey’s comments section doesn’t, though: he’s disputing the ‘history of democratic Germany’ point…

  3. Hitler may well have been principled, but you can’t seriously tell me that the man behind Operation Barbarossa was anything other than feckless – that was one of the most irresponsible and slapdash military operations of all time.

    In other news, tedious anonymous comments bore me rigid. Isn’t there some way I can use the power of the interweb to send the guy electric shocks through his keyboard?

  4. I wouldn’t put the deeds of the house on it, but I’m pretty certain that ‘anonymous’ on Nosemonkey’s site was *not* Oliver Kamm.

    And at the risk of setting off another literary blitzkrieg, I’m not sure I agree with Nosemonkey (NM) that Operation Barbarossa was both "feckless" and "irresponsible and slapdash"; but I leave it to NM to decide if he wishes to continue the conversation, which, for my part, I would try to conduct in rather better humour than his anonymous persecutor.

  5. Nah. Well and truly bored of it now.

    It was my fault for saying "Hitler was elected" rather than "Hitler was indirectly elected in the same way that Schröder was". Should have seen it coming, really…

  6. Fair enough,but you’ve got me thinking now, so I might post on it back at home. The good, old ‘Duke of Boot’ might have been speaking of Barbarossa when he said, "It was damned fine thing, the finest thing you ever saw."

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