National Hitler Day

If you’re interested in Japanese attitudes to WWII, Western and Chinese attitudes towards the Japanese, and the difference between national generalisations and racist invective, go and read this. Long, but worthwhile.

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Online communities: a force for good

A site named archives pretty much every text file posted to BBSes in the pre-Web, pre-broadband days when H3XX0Rz were real H3XX0Rz, and women were rumoured to exist.

It includes such delights as How To Fuck The Dead, How To Make A Letterbomb, Why The US Is A One-Party Jewish Democracy, and How To Survive The Coming Apocalypse.

Overall, I’d tentatively conclude that the level of sanity in online discussion has actually improved since the early 1990s. Which, given its current state, is shocking.

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Idiocy kebabbed

Our Word Is Our Weapon utterly skewers some ignorant bollocks from Stephen Pollard on ‘free trade’, aid and third-world debt.

While it’s always agreeable to stick it to a buffoon, the post is more notable for being one of the most succinct, well-sourced and well-argued explanations of why the hardline dogmatic free traders are unequivocally, factually and morally wrong. Read it, whatever your views. Although should you be a hardline free trader, I’d be especially interested to see a rebuttal…

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Two memes

Via Kevin Drum, "books you’ve started and are embarassed not to have finished":

1) Ulysses

2) La Peste

3) Tom Jones

…actually, that’s it. I occasionally feel like I ought to finish Le Morte D’Arthur, but then remember that it’s boring childish wank (incidentally, I’ve lent Ulysses to this chap; I’m not sure what terrible consequences this will have for the literary world…)

Via me, more interestingly, "books you’re embarrassed to have read".

1) Riders

2) Rivals

3) Polo

4) Prudence

5) Harriet and Octavia (although I read it in the form of two separate books. "Harriet" was marginally worse).

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