Do this now

Email the Advertising Standards Agency with the following message:

"Please, please, please make the ‘Crazy Frog’ adverts go away and end the nightmare for me and thousands of others. I would more merrily listen to my own teeth being drilled with a rusty screw tip than endure one more repeat of that advert.

"Please, I can’t promise it won’t push me over the edge. Don’t let that forever be on your consciences."


Update: *don’t* do this – the ASA are (somewhat disingenously) interpreting such complaints as being about frequency rather than about content. Send an email pointing out how aesthetically offensive the content is instead…

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11 thoughts on “Do this now

  1. How about switching off that tube? The crazy frog is like some kind of terminal cancer: I recommend termination.

  2. That’ll teach you the terrible power of interpretation-free machine ‘analysis’ of text content. We’re just a few steps away from Skynet.

    He says there’s a storm coming.

  3. How about not complaining at all?

    The ASA already leaps out of its skin to ban adverts whenever and wherever it can, often on the most pointless of pretexts, as with the Land Rover/starting pistol case.

    Just trust me, if you grit you teeth, they will go away in time . . . .

  4. Steve – It could be argued that getting stuff banned on aesthetic/it’s-fucking-annoying grounds, rather than moral/OMFG-people-will-see-this-and-do-Bad-Things!!!1111 grounds, is a giant leap forward for humankind…

    But then I’m a bad-tempered "get rid of it, now, before I go postal" type.

  5. I saw the ad for the first time ever on last night’s Have I Got News For You, but that’s probably because my telly is permanently switched to CBeebies during the day and after that I tend to prefer improving books.

    (That’s in the sense of "reading books that might improve my mind", not "repairing damaged ones" or "writing pithy criticism in the margins")

    Talking of HIGNFY, William Hague did a fine job of torpedoing any rumours that he might be thinking of running for Tory leader again, didn’t he? And unlike most people who badly misjudge the effect of racist gags on national telly, I get the distinct impression that he knew exactly what he was doing!

  6. I’ve just come here having posted similar sentiments on my own blog. That ringtone makes a good case for bringing back capital punishment (or at least ths issuance of a few million ASBOs). Aarrgh!

  7. The frog is an awful thing, but its getting to Number 1 in the hit parade ahead of Coldplay does show that the Great British Public would rather listen to a wibbling frog than another dismal whine from Coldplay. You can hardly blame them, can you?

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