*hacks Steven Caudill to death in zombie rampage*

I’ve found something even more insane than the Roseville artist story. Apparently writing about one’s school being destroyed in a zombie rampage now counts as a second-degree felony in Kentucky.

I hereby make terroristic threats against all the dicklords and arseclowns involved in the prosecution of William Poole. And also against anyone who makes the moronic claim that the US has greater freedom of speech than the UK. Just because there’s a piece of paper saying this is the case, doesn’t mean that it is (see also this, and this).

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Lehrer moment

Fafblog is one of the best satirical organs in existence. This piece on the wave of almost-peaceful sort-of-democratization gently drifting through the Middle East is sheer genius, especially as it could easily have been created straight-facedly by most of the neocon and Decent Left (TM) commentariat.

Relatedly, a Daniel comes to judgement on the lessons to be learned from Argentina and Lebanon.

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Not sane

If anyone wants to argue that this is a sensible use of the law, I’ll both a) destroy them in argument b) come round their house and break their legs.

Roseville city attorney John Dolan is, obviously, a key member of the SBBS assassination list (see disclaimer).

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The Countryside

Here are two excellent suggestions on what should be done with the countryside. I favour the first (the article) on the grounds of amusement, and the second (the comment) on the grounds of It Being The Right Thing To Do.

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Dhimmi my arse

Pearsall Helms sticks it to the EUrabia brigade. And he sticks it good. In particular, he sticks it good to Canada’s biggest asshole, Mark Steyn.

A random example (among many) of Mr Helm’s demolition of Mr Steyn involves this quote from the latter: "Already, more people each week attend Friday prayers at British mosques than Sunday service at Christian churches".

The actual study, which claimed that more people attend mosques than Anglican churches in the UK, was itself based on some tenuous assumptions. But Mr Steyn must be either a liar or a retard to extrapolate that survey to *all* Christian churches. This not terribly reliable source implies somewhere around 3.6 million total churchgoers for this year, compared to less than a million mosquegoers.

(via Nick)

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