Odds and ends

Surprising facts for the day:

1. There are people who seriously claim that Bill Clinton’s sexual escapades led directly to the September 11 attacks.

2. The Biased BBC crew are willing to slate their own beloved Tories if it means they can dig the knife a little deeper into Auntie.

3. Exxon still hasn’t paid compensation for the Valdez spill.

4. Pirate attacks (real ones with boats, not public reactions to music industry greed) are on the up. I blame the movies.

5. Traffic, the Hollywood movie based on TV miniseries Traffik, has been made into a TV miniseries.

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One thought on “Odds and ends

  1. The cure for point is simple: don’t read Jeff Jarvis. He’s a nutter, and a magnet for outright loons.
    The Biased BBC crew include Peter "Truth Unvarnished" Cuthbertson, who hasn’t really forgiven the Tories for ditching Thatcher, so ‘beloved’ is pitching it a little strong.

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