Foolish prediction

The Sun claims it has has acquired a leaked version of the Hutton Report, which clears Tony Blair and Alistair Campbell, lightly censures Geoff Hoon and the MOD, criticised David Kelly, and utterly slates the BBC.

This hasn’t yet appeared on the web – I’m listening to / watching the story now on ITV News. And I’m a little sceptical that the report’s going to turn entirely out like that in real life.

Who does Rupert Murdoch like? Tony Blair (more or less). Who does Rupert Murdoch hate? The Beeb. Who desperately needs a vote of confidence, after winning the tuition fees vote with a margin of five? Tony Blair.

Maybe I’m too cynical – then again, that would imply that it’s possible to be too cynical about the Sun… I await the real report tomorrow with some interest.

Update (Jan 28): apparently the Sun wasn’t lying after all, just exuberant… Interestingly, the BBC’s story covering the event blames the BBC much more than the FT’s coverage.

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