Jolly good fellows

A bit of a housekeeping/incestuous blogging commentary post here; it’s been weeks since the last one so hopefully I can be forgiven…

1) Happy blogbirthday to Harry Hatchet and Friends. Just in case you haven’t seen it already, it’s excellent. Although Johann Hari should post more often. And they should blogroll me ;-)

2) I’ve made a few changes to the site design, providing things like obvious permalinks, dealing properly with updated posts, etc. Suggestions on what else needs doing are welcome. Also, I hear that the comments function is being (irreproducibly by me, unfortunately) tempermental – do let me know what the error message is if your comment doesn’t work.

3) New links added to the interesting-but-completely-bats Melanie Phillips and the excellent transatlantic Iain and Kris Murray double-act (not sure how I missed them originally). I’m aware this is quite a right-leaning set of additions; let me know if you spot any interesting new lefties…

4) Whatever’s happened to Oliver Kamm? He’s not posted for nearly a week, he’s removed the comments function from his site; nor has he replied to my (polite and fact-correcting, rather than crazy ranting) email. Hopefully he’s just on holiday.

5) England, England, England, England, etc. We rule at the world’s best sport, which is an excellent thing… and I’m not going to make any bitchy or tasteless comments about soccer and the people who play it, tempting though it is.

Update: not only is Backword an interesting newish leftist site, it also links here. Duly blogrolled.

Update 2: Oliver Kamm has returned to the world. Apparent the comments thing is temporarial.

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