Credit where it’s due

My more regular readers may have spotted that I’m not the greatest fan of George W Bush. However, one news item from his London trip (which I missed at the time) has increased my respect for the man.

Saying “I believe we worship the same god” when referring to Christians and Muslims isn’t terribly controversial among mainstream theologians. Not only are they both monotheistic, they’re both descended from Judaism.

However, Mr Bush relies on people who aren’t exactly mainstream theologians for much of his support – the Muslim-hating, bring-on-the-apocalypse religous right. Predictably, they were out in force. Less predictably, they borrowed the traditionally left-wing tactic of insulting the president’s intelligence: “We should always remember that he is commander in chief, not theologian in chief”, according to Southern Baptist Richard D Land.

While it’s depressing that the leader of the Free World (TM) is in a position where these people’s views are of any relevance whatsoever, it’s nice to know that he’s prepared to ignore them and risk negative consequences. One cheer for Dubya!

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