The new immigration stats are interesting, if not surprising. The UK’s foreign-born population rose from 5.8% in 1991 to 7.5% in 2001.

Indeed, we’re under threat from tides of evil immigrants, here to steal our women and convert us all to their barbaric laws. I wonder if they have Sharia in Ireland, Germany, the USA, South Africa and Italy…?

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20 thoughts on “Immigration

  1. There are hardly any non-natives in Wales – it’s full of Welsh people. Now that really is bad. Same with Scotland – nearly all Scots.

    Bunch of Celts.

  2. OP, what do you call a "native" Welsh person then? Me? (Born Edinburgh; live Cardiff). Or do I pass by being white? What about Shirley Bassey and Colin Jackson? How about "In Cardiff, in particular, white ex-servicemen, including Australians stationed in the area, headed lynch mobs that terrorised the city’s black community during a week of violence that left three men dead and dozens more injured. In the aftermath the government repatriated hundreds of black people (600 by mid-September 1919)." National Archives.

    Not to mention OP’s favouritest subject.

  3. Just looking at the map, that’s all. I’d forgotten about Shirley Bassey.

    But I’m not keen on Wales. Rains too much and the accent is silly.

  4. There are hardly any non-natives in Wales – it’s full of Welsh people. Now that really is bad.

    Sadly not true, especially in Pembrokeshire, which is full of English types. You’re right about the weather, though…

  5. In May 2004, just before the ten new countries joined the EU, my girlfriend expressed her anxiety at the prospect of hordes of beautiful, multilingual and highly-educated Hungarian girls swarming Westward and pinching all the best men and jobs. Come the great day, the closest thing I saw was that at my Euro-Party, three Estonian bunny girls materialised for no reason. That converted my Eurosceptic flatmate pretty quickly. The next day, I went out onto the streets, expecting to be ravished by the aforementioned Magyar Minxes. It didn’t happen. Feeling a bit foolish (and disappointed), I glanced around the streets before going back inside: not one car had been nicked by Rumanian Gypsies. You can’t believe anyone these days.

  6. I wouldn’t take too much notice of this report as it doesn’t include asylum seekers or any estimates for illegal immigrants (as the US Census does).

    For instance, see the countries of birth page. Does anyone seriously believe that there are only 2270 Albanians in Britain? There are probably at least several times that many just in North London.

  7. I like the way that even immigrants (with no understanding of our culture and customs, blah blah) are wise enough not to live in Glasgow East.
    They might conceivably have Sharia law in bits of Europe, since we have it in Canada. In Ontario, I think, but its becoming such a trend that everyone wants some (especially peeved men seeking divorces).

  8. Pearsall; the majority of the Albanians who live in North London are recorded as having been born in "Ex Yugoslavia" since they are ethnic Albanian Kosovars.

  9. dsquared – Sure, most of the ethnic Albanians in Britain are from Kosovo, but still, you don’t seriously believe there are only slightly over 2000 people from Albania proper in Britain, do you?

  10. for fuck’s sake, Chris, when someone provides a link to "The best potential Eastern European Import so far", I for one expect to see an Estonian starlet with big tits, not a Times factbox about the fucking flat tax. You tax cranks are really getting things out of proportion, you really are.

  11. Perhaps the flat tax is a tax on flat chests. So all men and flat chested women pay tax and the rest of us don’t. Nice idea that.

  12. But I rather like misdirection! My next link about Tapering rates may actually refer to the charging structure of a cathouse in Nevada…

  13. I am glad that even right wingers like yourself are realising the threat posed by this invasion at last, John B. The revolution is never going to happen while these odious foreigners spread their vile foreign ways through our nation. Harmonious socialist thinking requires the workers be as one. This will never happen while the capitalist scum keep forcing foreign pigs to settle here. The revolution demands cultural purity. Forward, comrade!

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