World ends, hell freezes, etc

The Daily Mail has published an editorial page in which I agree with every article. Well, maybe not the one about Prezza: if he were running the country, he’d merely not achieve anything, rather than achieving a Whole Load Of Badness. But they’ve come out against both police brutality and fucking over the poor, which is nice to know.

Fuck, even Ariel Sharon and the Mail are being less loathsome at the moment than Tony Blair and his minions. This worries me. The end times must be approaching… (via Hell Is Other People).

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23 thoughts on “World ends, hell freezes, etc

  1. The slight undercurrent here is that they hate "Sir" Ian Blair, because they believe he is a Blairite more interested in pushing a ‘diversity agenda’ and other made up right-wing paranoia than policing. If Simon Heffer joins in I’ll have to defend him, I fear. But for now I suppose we should take the Mail’s comments at face value.

  2. Slightly O/T maybe but I was struck by this sentence.

    But there is a growing suspicion that children are being taken from their parents unnecessarily to help local authorities meet the Government’s aim of increasing adoptions by 40 per cent.

    Surely the Mail must have made that up? I know the Blair government is evil, but not that evil. Is it? Anyone got any more info?

  3. Well I doubt it is actually the Blair government physically sneaking in and taking these children from their parents.

    I quite liked the phrase ‘no-one wants to see a witch hunt’. In the Daily Mail.

  4. I think the child thing was in the Sunday Times last weekend or so, the point made was that the authorities are encouraging mentally ill people to exercise their human right to have sex and children. However, when the children are born, the parents are declared mentally incompetent to raise children and thus the children are taken into care.

  5. Well, there goes the surviving blob of respect I had still clinging to the bowl after flushing the rest when he rejoined Labour..

  6. Old peculier is the best argument for compulsory sterilisation I’ve heard…

    You hear such enlightened views from the left.

    At least I’m not smelly like you.

  7. I have spent about ten minutes perusing this site and I am far from impressed. Swearing is neither clever nor brave, just childish. People who count in society don’t do it in public, so I assume you are just a lot of losers and malcontents venting impotence in the language of the gutter. What a pathetic misuse of a great invention such as the internet. Goodbye.

  8. What a pathetic misuse of a great invention such as the internet.

    Clearly new in town. Wait until Luniversal finds out what else is out there!

  9. Luniversal’s comment is considerably more entertaining if you imagine it being read by Peter Cook.

  10. I think John B has a new hero…

    Relating his meeting with [Labour Councillor Danny] Meikle, Mr Thomas told the court: “I asked him about some letters he hadn’t replied to. His response was a torrent of foul language. He said, ‘I wouldn’t answer any of your f***ing letters, boyo.’ He emphasised the ‘boyo’.”

    Mr Thomas continued: “He told me to f*** off out of his surgery, and stuck his face up to my face. He then said, ‘You don’t f***ing worry me, boy, and you don’t f***ing frighten me, boyo.’ I was dumbfounded. I’ve dealt with councillors over a number of years and I’ve never encountered anything like that.”

    Fuck off.

    I’m a hero now! I told someone to fuck off!

  11. No, Danny Meikle sounds like a bit of a wanker. The point about telling people to fuck off is that one should do so when it’s appropriate; ‘fuck off’ should be part of one’s linguistic palette, not an instant reaction to all events.

    When I tell people to fuck off (here or elsewhere), it’s either because they thoroughly deserve it, or because it’s funny. In Mr Meikle’s case, and indeed in your case, it isn’t. So no hero medals. Oh, and also fuck off.

    (all that said, convicting Mr Meikle of a racially-aggravated breach of the peace for calling a Welshman ‘boyo’ and telling him to fuck off seems a bit ludicrous…)

  12. No, Danny Meikle sounds like a bit of a wanker.

    As does Peter Marshall…whom you praise for petulantly lashing out when he got caught peddling a load of bullshit.


    As an aside, do you practice telling people to ‘fuck off’ in the mirror a la Travis Bickle?

    The point about telling people to fuck off is that one should do so when it’s appropriate;

    ‘fuck off’ should be part of one’s linguistic palette, not an instant reaction to all events.</eM

    WHAT!!!! You’re seriously suggesting there are standards to be adhered to when indulging in petty sniping? BS!

    It’s one thing to only be capable of controlled Tourette’s Syndrome and sustained misantropy, but to try to pretend that, despite being a pusillaminous twat, you can still succeed at something in life…that’s just priceless.

  13. No, Peter Marshall was rude to Stephen Pollard. Rather like setting fire to Peter Mandelsson, this is everyone’s moral duty.

  14. "People who count in society don’t do it in public"

    Dick Cheney. Prince Phillip. (Not sure about the number of Ls, and I don’t much care.)


    Robert Trivers could have been one of the great romantic heroes of 20th-century science if he’d died in the 70s, as some people supposed he would. But here he is, loping down the quiet, pale corridors of Harvard’s Programme in Evolutionary Development, a powerfully built man about six foot tall, bespectacled, dressed in trainers, narrow blue cord trousers, a black leather jacket and a knitted watchman’s cap. His language matches the macho clothes: for an Ivy League professor, he says "fuck" a lot.

    The Times. "Did you know that comedians need a high IQ?" So let’s add Spike Milligan, Peter Cook, David Baddiel to the league of "People who don’t count."

    Alistair Campbell. Denis Healey. Kenneth Tynan. Gordon Ramsay.

    I could go on.

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