21 thoughts on “String is here, a-stu-huh-ring is here

  1. "A hundred and eighty-seven thousand miles of it, to be precise, which I inherited, and I thought, if I advertised . . ."
    "Oh yes! Useful stuff, string, no problem there!"
    "Ah… but there’s a snag. The string is in three-inch lengths. So it’s not very valuable."

    Little did they know . . .

  2. To Matt Daws: what exactly are you complaining about? What is a rope if not a thick piece of string? However if you insist, then I will revise the description to " piece of thin rope". Nevertheless, I can assure you that it is to all intents a purposes simply an unquantifiable length of Finest Traditional English String, useful for tying knots, strangling kittens or simply to look at.

  3. You teach ethics?

    How do you use a kitten as a metaphor? Ask them how to make it go wooooofff??? (Set fire to it, in case you don’t know.)

  4. Well without betraying too many trade secrets, I ask them to consider circumstances under which it would be ethical to run Tiddles over with a car.

    The answer of course is Islam.

  5. Pine Marten: Yeah, I guess so. But it even looks like it might, shudder, be nylon rope. That’s just too high class for me to use to keep my trousers up. Perhaps I could fashion a short washing-line with it though…

  6. "…a boy need not fear being caught unprepared to face an unexpected situation if he always carried with him a pocket knife, a sixpence and a piece of string…"

    Lord Copper’s version of that was a coil of rope and a sheet of tin.

  7. Just to let you know, in the unlikely event that you’re interested, that piece of string sold for 54 pence. Which is a little less than the listing costs, but it was a fun experiment nevertheless, and it does prove that you can sell anything if you set your mind to it.

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