While waiting indefinitely for train that may arrive and will almost certainly be too full to get on if so, saw a low-flying plane. Even though we’re on the Heathrow flightpath here, I’m sure everyone on the platform had the same thought as me.

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9 thoughts on “Coda

  1. …which was probably not far removed from the thought I had when I was at the top of the BT Tower on Tuesday.

  2. London: America is with you. Your dead our in our prayers.

    We will stand side by side and stomp this scourge from the face of the earth. Hang on brothers and sisters.

    Peace from America

  3. "America is with you" – fuck off Neo.

    You’re still cramped in the Matrix, and I ain’t dancing with you until you take the red pill.

    John B – your monologue sounds remarkably like the intro to Ian McEwan’s novel ‘Saturday’. Not similar enough to imply plagiarism, as if I would, but to suggest a similar well of cultural anxiety…

  4. So, Lenin: afraid a little reality might intrude on your 24 hr party?

  5. 24-hour partying is hardly the first line that presents itself in attacking Lenin. Points for originality, at least. Points marked off for complete lack of sense, however.

  6. And America, the UK and every other sane nation are against you Lenin. You’re fucked mate, the games up.

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