Back to a gentler time

This sounds rather fun – back to the days when airline hijacks were harmless high jinks carried out by glamorous socialists, rather than a precusor to mass murder carried out by bearded fundamentalist dickheads.

It’s disappointing to note that the Irish are rather better sports than we are about the whole thing. But gratifying to note how much the Irish decision is pissing off the right people

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3 thoughts on “Back to a gentler time

  1. Speaking of the glamorous 1970s and the terrorism they spawned… does anybody know whether there’s any truth in the story of the passenger who, after being flown back and forth around the Mediterranean for some weeks on a hijacked aeroplane, wrote to the airline demanding to know why his frequent-flier account hadn’t been credited with all the miles he notched up, and, after being told that it was the airline’s policy not to do so in such circumstances, successfully sued them for his entitlement?

  2. "carried out by bearded fundamentalist dickheads."

    Are you now profiling bearded men? Because at least one of latest would-be mass murderers was not bearded.

    BTW, the harmless hijacking babe is just as slick as you:

    Addressing a meeting in Manchester, she said: “There are no suicide bombers, they are freedom fighters.”

    She has condemned both the September 11 attacks and the recent suicide bombings in London.

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