Monday wrongness

"Fully a third of the brothels’ clients were men known as ‘juicers’… men who liked to wait outside a whore’s room until the first punter had done his deed, then the ‘juicer’ would rush in and suck out the other man’s sperm" – Sean Thomas on the brothels of 19th century Paris. Worthy.

You may already have encountered Amber4Ever. If not, you should. Top quote: "When the homunculus tries to hug me he squeezes too tight and he smells like rotting meat". Skilled. Via.

If you’re at work, or if you aren’t, don’t look at this picture. (via Hungbunny, who has moved here to serve up pretentious and wanky podcasts. Twat.) And finally, Larry has a wrong, and probably untrue, Killer Fact.

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