Going Dutch

I’ve got a new article on The Sharpener about immigration and attitudes to immigrants in the Netherlands. Go there, read it, tear it to shreds, etc.

Speaking of Sharpener-ites, Andrew and Blimpish are curating a new right-wing group blog called Once More Unto The Breach (hopefully, they’ll imitate the action of a tiger. Rrrrr!), while Jarndyce has a new centre-left blog called Fair Vote Watch.

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7 thoughts on “Going Dutch

  1. John, interesting article. Particularly good usage of the phrase Islamoloonic Badness, which I feel is generally underused.

    The very low AGC in the Netherlands presumably implies that the ethnic minority population is more visible to all, right? Sadly, greater visibility probably implies greater paranoia and resentment.

  2. Welcome from me also, and cheers for the link to Once More. We’ll start work on the tiger stuff next week (nothing if not responsive, y’see).

  3. …but am I really ‘centre-left’? That’s good to know, because I’ve recently been called dangerously liberal, a deluded Marxist, a Stalinist, and a fucking Tory loon. Oh, and an unimaginitive prick.

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