A parable, or a very subtle joke?

I’m not sure whether Denis Salnikov is a satirist or just the most absolute cunt ever to have lived. His columns are worth reading either way, despite your presumed total lack of interest in the Russian club scene.

Tim Worstall is an occasional satirist (and certainly not an absolute cunt). You should also read his latest Britblog Roundup, which gives a pleasing amount of attention to the Sharpener, which you should also read.

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3 thoughts on “A parable, or a very subtle joke?

  1. I think Denis is a conscious parody; his columns read like Bret Easton Ellis without the ultra-violence, particularly like American Psycho but without the serial killing or the long rhapsodical passages about Phil Collins or Huey Lewis.

    Even being fairly confident he’s a put-on, I still find myself wishing physical harm upon him.

  2. Dunno which Denis is but whichever, he’s nowhere near as good as Matt Taibbi and Mark Ames were back in the day. Their club reviews were both horribly true and extremely funny. Spent years using them as the guide to where to get….well, married now but you can guess I think.

  3. I agree totally that Denis Salnikov is a thoroughly calculated concsious parody of what makes a typical son of a rich russian.

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