Marginally less non-comedy

John should be back any moment, so I’ll end where I started with North Korea, which in a promising development will be resuming talks next week with South Korea. Maybe John banged some heads together while he was out there.

Anyway it’s been fun, thanks to John for entrusting me with the password to his beloved blog, which I’m prepared to sell on to the highest bidder. (Warning: shameless plug coming up) I’ll now have a bit more time to put into my own blog Tampon Teabag, so please have a look some time. I’m sure that David "what would a communist be doing in a website called" Duff can think of some amusing names to call me if he ever pays a visit.

Now please welcome back the extremely pissed-off to be back at work Mr John Band…

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One thought on “Marginally less non-comedy

  1. Currently, I’m extremely pissed off to be back home at 3:30 in the fucking morning thanks to Ryanair’s comedy inability to run an airline. However, I’m sure tomorrow will see me returning to traditional pissed-off-at-work-ness. Mad props to Larry for the guest postage…

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