Stupid plan

The Association of University Teachers has decided to partially boycott Israeli institutions.

As Chris Bertram says (but more politely, because he’s a polite man), the main impact of this will be to make mouth-breathing idiots believe that the UK is a hotbed of Nazism, rather than actually having any impact on real academics’ real ties. Nonetheless, it’s still a stupid plan.

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10 thoughts on “Stupid plan

  1. If you want a video of a fourteen-year-old Chris making decidedly impolite gestures (though not Nazi ones, sadly), I’m open to bribes.

  2. <I>… rather than actually having any impact on real academics’ real ties…</I>

    We haven’t worn ties for many years, John. You know that.

  3. You’ve still got a split infinitive up there, John B.

    And your comments-box code won’t allow me to enter the absurdly long URL of my blog in the "Your web URL" field.

  4. Michael – did these gestures merely extend to fascist ones, then?

    John B – ‘mouth-breathing idiots’ is a wonderful expression, which I will now use more often. And anyone who gets annoyed by this new habit will be directed to you.

  5. No, "inverted Churchills" is somewhat closer to the truth.

    Completely agree about "mouth-breathing idiots", though I generally hear it in the context of "mouth-breathing Freepers", i.e. those eloquent and rational people who frequent the Free Republic site.

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