Be shot, by everybody

I’m going on holiday for a week and a bit starting on Friday May 6. If you fancy being a gastarbieter on SBBS, give me a shout and (as a big fan of outsourcing) I’ll sort you out with a login and you can post nonsense over the period.

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3 thoughts on “Be shot, by everybody

  1. I’m not sure I could match up to your acerbic slanderous style, but I wouldn’t mind giving it a go!

  2. I’d nominate Marcus from "Little Green Soccer Balls", sorry, "Harry’s Place". I know he’s got the time to do it, because a couple of days ago, he was claiming not to be able to respond to me and Matthew about his odd theories of international law because he "had a deadline" and would be "too busy until after the election". Today, however, with the Attorney-General’s advice published and seemingly proving that there is such a thing as international law, after all, he’s found the time to make two separate front page posts having a go at the Guardian and telling other people to look things up before shooting their mouths off. I can only assume that the deadline pressure has been released.

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