Chris Lightfoot reveals the police’s secret weapons against terror, and will doubtless consequently be interned in Belmarsh within the week [*]. Semi-relatedly, George Monbiot (yes, I know) suggests that the new crime bill contains far more insidious provisions than the non-story of the (admittedly daft) religious hatred legislation.

Elsewhere, Jon Ronson writes an extremely good eulogy to Hunter S Thompson, which also mercilessly rips the piss out of the drug-addled laddish hacks who think they’re heir to the Gonzo tradition.

Finally, it’s always suprising quite how much one’s sympathy towards people who are merely appalling rises when they run into opposition from people who are downright evil.

[*] This is an exaggeration. At the moment, we’re still at the ‘first they came for the Muslims’ stage of tyranny; it’s at least three or four years before we reach ‘then they came for me’.

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