Indiscriminate slaughter

There’s an interesting take on the Eason Jordan scandal here. The final comment is the most interesting: broadly, the real scandal is not that Mr Jordan correctly pointed out at Davos that the US Army kills journalists and civilians, nor even that he was made to resign for stating this truth – but that he didn’t state it live on CNN in the first place.

Speaking of murderous behaviour in the Middle East, at least one Blairite insider has reportedly said the UK will join in any wrong-headed Yank plans to invade Iran. I *hope* this is just a Tory smear designed to cut Labour support…

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2 thoughts on “Indiscriminate slaughter

  1. It’s very clear that they have a policy of not avoiding journalists. While this isn’t quite the same, it’s still appalling (and far more so than any exaggerations Mr Jordan may have made).

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