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"There are several tens of millions of Muslims out there who would be considered fundamentalists by any reasonable standard. The whole thesis of the war on terror (and certainly of any more general thesis of "Islamism") is that these people think that their religion obliges them to kill us. This means we have a choice of either a) talk to them and convince them it doesn’t or b) kill them.

"I’m up for making a real effort at a), not only because b) is what they call "genocide", but also because under b) they are quite likely to have a go at killing us back, which carries the risk that I get caught in the crossfire." – D^2 at Crooked Timber.

The only questionable bit of this analysis is whether there are actually a significant number of Muslims who believe that their religion obliges them to kill us. If one accepts that there are, then disagreement with D^2’s conclusions would appear to be 100% batshit crazy…

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  1. Many other countries share the same religion. Polish regions are very deeply Christian, more so than the US bible belt. Poland isn’t beleagured by terrorist threats…maybe there’s another reason, like us repeatedly attacking these people.

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