Funny because wrong

Rural reactionary Laban Tall has a modest proposal:

"We have the best educated generation in our history, and we know what to do with knives. They’re for cutting and stabbing other people. At the same time our prisons are full of young ladies who delight in cutting themselves.

"From a free market, pro-choice, libertarian perspective, there may be something to be said for bringing these two groups of people together. I’m sure there are many young men of the FHM and Zoo generation who would pay good money to spend an hour or two cutting young women. The girls get the blood running down their arms and the money."

Update: Ally has a far better idea.

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One thought on “Funny because wrong

  1. Hmmm … as I’m sure you know, the point of cutting is generally to manage feelings of low esteem or to feel that one has some control over one’s own situation. Someone else cutting one would in all likelyhood take those ‘positive’ feelings away.

    Perhaps the women could cut the men, rather than the other way round? And get all the benefits of externalising their pain etc. etc., while the guys who carry knives would learn at first hand how unpleasant knife wounds are?

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