1776 and all that

Why are the British people who most strongly oppose European integration also the people most likely to vigorously stand up for American interests?

I can understand the "The English, the English, the English are best; I couldn’t give tuppence for all of the rest" view. I can understand the liberal internationalist view that nation-states are a bit silly and that consensus between institutions and individuals is what really matters.

What I can’t understand is why people get massively pissed off by the limitations the EU puts on our government (you know, outrageous impositions like banning us from imprisoning people without trial or exporting beef that causes people’s brains to rot, and suggesting we should allow other Europeans to work in our country), but don’t mind the fact that America runs our army and largely determines our foreign policy. And unlike the EU, where we’re one of the most influential members, it’s become increasingly clear Britain has no say or influence whatsoever over American policy.

Come on, Eurosceptics: it’s time to start hating the Septics just as much as you hate the Frogs, Krauts, wops, spics and gippos. Alternatively, you may wish to consider growing up.

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2 thoughts on “1776 and all that

  1. But John, you do not understand: our American friends are so much more Ideologically Pure(TM) than all the other type of forigner you find to the east and south of these isles. So we should do as they say because they have already got everything spot on – you know, The End Of History and all that.

  2. Indeed. I once emailed Ukip to ask whether their policies included repealing the Nato treaty, asking US forces to leave Britain, creating an independent nuclear deterrent, changing the one-side extradition treaties we have, etc.

    I have had no reply.

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