Grim perspective

Asian earthquakeness is thoroughly terrible. Go give money to the Disasters Emergency Committee or Save the Children.

Then read this disturbing comparison (from the comments at Crooked Timber): "present estimates of 77,000 (which are probably only 50% or less of the final total for the tsunami) are about the same number of people who have died from AIDS in Africa since December 19th (i.e., 10 days ago)."

At this point, you may despair.

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5 thoughts on “Grim perspective

  1. And about 27 days for malaria. Both largely preventable, except for the vanity of a few. African politicians on the one hand, and environmentalists on the other. But try telling Greenpeace or the Sierra Club they are killing over a million people a year with a baseless ban on DDT, and you get a typical fundamentalist reaction.

  2. Oops, I meant to say a million a year in Africa. Did I mention that 90% are children under 5? That 30% of newborns die of malaria before they reach 12 months?

  3. Hullo, Timbeaux.

    How would Greenpeace or the Sierra Club go about banning things in African countries?


    PS: The figure of "over a million a year" presumably comes from multiplying 3000 (the WHO estimate of malaria deaths every day) by 365. Are you really suggesting that there would be no malaria at all in Africa if DDT was legalised in Kenya? Is there no malaria in South Africa, Eritrea or Ethiopia, where DDT is used?

    On balance, I think that clicking away before you start typing would be the better idea.

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