Danger, low postage

It would appear that moving house, immediately throwing a party, then dealing with the unpacking and aftermath, doing the million move-related and non-move-related administrative things I haven’t done over the last month of working infinitely hard, and buying Christmas presents, are together quite time consuming.

While I’ve been away from the world of News and Politics, life has been busy imitating children’s poetry (third poem down on the right). This may be the most pathetic decision anyone has ever made…

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One thought on “Danger, low postage

  1. More arbitrary segregation. Just what the world needs in December 2004, isn’t it? Pff.

    I was having an argument about this with a mate, who reckons it’s a fair enough call. (He’s wrong, obviously.) His argument was something along the lines of "yeah, but just think if she had her leg broken in a tackle after a couple of games…"

    I pointed out that it happens to men occasionally too, and it seldom precipitates the kind of massive public outcry he seemed to be implying would necessarily follow such an event. I also pointed out that many male footballers don’t even require a tackle in order to do themselves a serious mischief.

    Then I believe he started to say something about tits being an unfair advantage in controlling a dropping ball, and I stopped listening.

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