Smoking is almost as cool as heroin

The EU believes smoking has been getting a hard time of it lately, and has therefore come up with a massive publicity campaign to make cigarette packets look cooler to young people.

At least, that’s the only explanation I can think of for this picture:

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4 thoughts on “Smoking is almost as cool as heroin

  1. Of course, the coolest cigarette packet design ever was the one for the short-lived Death Cigarettes brand, which despite being hugely successful was inexplicably short-lived.

    Or rather, it became all too explicable when I found out that for some unaccountable reason all the other cigarette manufacturers weren’t too keen on their products being sold alongside black packets with a skull and crossbones motif and threatened a boycott, thus forcing Death into the mail-order business – and, since selling fags by post is intrinsically silly, ultimately into oblivion.

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