Now that’s a service level agreement

It would certainly reduce frustration levels if users could throw their IT department in jail next time they botch a system upgrade and lose everyone’s email. However, it’s probably a little disproportionate as far as punishments go.

David Blunkett appears to disagree. "Detain IT developers indefinitely under the Terrorism Act, and then try them in secret", he says…

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One thought on “Now that’s a service level agreement

  1. Funny you should mention that, that is almost what the Identity Cards Bill section "31 Tampering with the Register etc." is proposing – up to 10 years in jail and/or a fine for

    "(b) where it makes it more difficult or impossible for such information to be retrieved in a legible form from a computer on which it is stored by the Secretary of State, or contributes to making that more difficult or impossible"

    There isn’t even a defence of "no intent to damage" e.g.

    "or is reckless as to whether or not his conduct will cause such a modification"

    in other words:

    "Identity Card Bill – 10 years in jail for going on strike or accidentaly causing a systems crash ?"

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