Towering intellect of the day

"Sometimes I wonder if the word racism even translates to other languages, because the world outside of English speaking countries doesn’t seem to understand the concept" – from here. Who says Americans have no sense of irony?

I don’t know why I still occasionally follow links to LGF. It never fails to bring on Charlie Brooker-esque rage fantasies involving the mass extermination of its contributors.

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2 thoughts on “Towering intellect of the day

  1. Wow. I’ve never been to LGF before and I feel all yuck now. In this case, any mass extermination of its contributors would be seen as justifiable homicide.

  2. I feel exactly the same about LGF but it acts as a sort of litmus test for me. If LGF is listed the blogroll of a site I visit it tends to get crossed off my list. But not everyone feels the same way. The latest Norman Geras profile is Scott W Johnson (no relation to the LGF Johnson brothers) who gets this question: What are your favourite blogs? He replies > I admire the relentlessness and humanity of Little Green Footballs.
    Humanity? Jeez. To add insult to etc… LGF have won The Washington Post’s Best International Political Blog and get an Hon Mention in the Most Original section. What are these guys smoking! Is there a scumblog award? There should be.

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