Bilderberg against Bush

I wish the world *were* run by a secret conspiracy of Jewish businesspeople. It would feature rather less brutality and violence, and rather more tolerance and civilisation, than currently.

One of the most demonised organisations among people who believe this is already the case is the Bilderberg Group, which features 100 of the world’s most important people coming together each summer – either to discuss secret plans for taking over the world or to have a posh holiday away from the wife and kids, depending on your levels of credulity.

Jim Tucker of the American Free Press isn’t a very nice or credible man, as amusingly profiled in Jon Ronson‘s excellent book Them. Mr Tucker is a far-right extremist, who says ‘nigger’ frequently and thinks gays should die of AIDS. He’s devoted his life to ‘exposing the Bilderberg conspiracy’.

According to Mr Tucker’s article on the most recent Bilderberg meeting, the conspiracy that controls the world believes that the US shouldn’t have invaded Iraq without UN authorisation, that the current administration spends too much money on military operations in the developing world and not enough on foreign aid, that Britain should join the euro, and that American and Asia-Pacific Unions should be created to mirror the EU.

Excellent points all round, I reckon: let’s abolish this democracy bollocks and bring on world government. In the meantime, based on the general tone of the meeting, I’m guessing the conspiracy that controls the world isn’t backing Dubya this time round…

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8 thoughts on “Bilderberg against Bush

  1. This reminds me of the story of two elderly Jewish men, sitting on a park bench reading newspapers (presumably somewhere in pre-war central Europe). One of the men notices that the other is reading a violently antisemitic tabloid, and asks him why on earth he’s reading such a thing.

    "Ah," the second man explains, "those other newspapers are so depressing. All about wars and the depression and crime and all those things. This one… this one is full of good news. Apparently we Jews control the banks, the government, the trades unions… everything!"

  2. You should read the novel, "Love In The Time Of Anthrax" (available on my blog) which exposes the role of the Bilderberg Group in the invasion of Afghanistan.

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