Poor fucker

This is a very good blog. It’s written by someone who’s serving nine years in jail for a non-crime, and has suffered more or less all the worst excesses of the US justice system – including barbaric mediaeval Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Impressively, the writer (an English stockbroker, author and rave promoter called Shaun Attwood) doesn’t express his opinion on Sherriff Arpaio, saying that it might be hurtful and that ridiculing people is negative. I have no such reservations, and would happily throw an illegal rave party if Arpaio and all the vile thugs who voted for him were slowly cheese-grated to death. In the unlikely event that their assailant survived his heroic actions, I’d also buy him several drinks.

It’s true that Mr Attwood did things that he knew were against the law, and that he should’ve been more aware of quite how crazy American justice can be. Nonetheless, nobody deserves to go through the kind of things he’s experienced – literally nobody; the fact that all Mr Attwood did was to throw parties where people had fun with drugs (as amusingly sensationalised here) just makes it even more clear-cut. But just in case his case doesn’t touch your outrage bone, his cellmate is a mentally disabled man serving two years for stealing a dog.

Calling all European expats in the less civilised world: be careful out there…

(original link via Ista)

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