Open letter to white males

Dear white males,

As white males, we’re enormously privileged in the world of work, society, and almost everything else. While the thousands of small systemic biases that ensure this can be hard to spot, the results are pretty fucking obvious: white males aren’t actually better than everyone else, but we end better-off than everyone else.

If you’re an able-bodied white male who feels that this isn’t the case for you, this is because you’re disadvantaged in some other way. Whether you’re being discriminated against on class grounds, other unfair grounds, or whether you’re just stupid/and or lazy, will vary significantly from case to case.

However, if you’re a white male who believes that you’re losing out because ethnic minorities and women get too easy a deal, then it’s almost certainly your whining stupidity that’s at fault.


John B

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31 thoughts on “Open letter to white males

  1. Whatever. We all know white guys are getting pushed aside because of positive discrimination and women shagging their bosses.

  2. My wife has vastly more professional qualifications than me, does an infinitely more responsible, challenging, stressful and indeed necessary job(*), and still earns less than I do.

    Mind you, she does work for the NHS, which explains a fair bit.

    (*One of my all-time favourite Alexei Sayle sketches is the one where Britain’s film critics go on strike and bring the country to a halt, with tearful mothers wondering how their children will cope without knowing about neo-realism or the auteur theory and the army having to take over from Barry Norman. Much as I love my job… he had a fair point!)

  3. Actually, depending on where you live and what you do, there is a fair chance that it isnt whining supidity or your fault.

  4. I echo Chris’s sentiment and question. I followed the link to the comment, but Haloscan being the way it is, you can’t go from there to the original post and I seem to have to sift through a lot of shit to find the comment that’s offended John so.

  5. "After all we are supposed to be equal nowadays. As usual its the hideously white, hideously male that is put upon with no repersentation.", among others.

  6. That’s amusing. I especially like the "why can’t we have a white officer’s group, so unfair!" discussion.

  7. Stephen the original post was on Biased BBC, about Greg Dyke getting a race equality award.

    Regarding John Peel, there does seem to be a nutty element who feels that to say you’ll miss his radio programme is tantamount to committing Diannagrief.

  8. I think that white men tend to have more ambition. It’s only been a recent socialist invention that ambition is a priori a sin. I’ve seen too many ambitious people of all stripes leap ahead of me to believe for a second that they were systemically limited.

    The only whining stupidity I see in this discussion is diagnosing a disease after the patient is recovered, then offerring the disease itself as the cure.

  9. ”That’s amusing. I especially like the "why can’t we have a white officer’s group, so unfair!" discussion.”

    So why can’t there be one then?

  10. I think that white men tend to have more ambition. It’s only been a recent socialist invention that ambition is a priori a sin.

    See, the nasty socialists have got it in for the ambitious whites… Whine, whine, whine, you just can’t help doing it!

  11. It’s got nothing to do with brainwashing, it’s got everything to do with being completely pointless – you don’t need a specialist group to represent the majority.

  12. Ista ‘…with being completely pointless…’

    That’s as may be but do you think that if the White Officers CHOOSE to that they should be allowed to form a group based solely on the colour of their skin to the exclusion of all others?

    Yes Bestian is faintly amusing ina yappy Pavlovian puppy kind of way

  13. Hey, thanks for the insult!

    I’ll go off with my little tail between my legs, because that must mean I’m wrong and you’re right.

    Either that, or you’re a cunt.

  14. These groups are set up to represent a minority whose views could otherwise be in danger of being unheard/ignored. So nope. White officers have no right to form this kind of group (and most have no wish to either).

  15. Ahhh the little puppy has rabies. How sad

    So Ista, you ssem to be against the free association of law abiding citizens.
    Stalin would be proud

  16. from an obit to Prof Morgenbesser:

    Once, when he was about to light a cigarette on the New York subway, a cop said to him: “If I let you do it, I’d have to let everyone do it.” “Who do you think you are — Kant?” replied Morgenbesser. The cop took this for a vulgarity and hustled him down to the police station.

  17. He was lucky – if he’d said something like "don’t be so niggardly", he’d not only have been hustled down to the police station but he’d have been done for racist abuse.

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