Mark Steyn gets it in one

Unsurprisingly, Mark Steyn has joined the Charlie Brooker pile-on. His column is as tedious and xenophobic as always, but he does hit on rather a good point: "Brooker and the Guardian seem to be protesting no, don’t worry, we were just talking the talk, there’s nothing we’re prepared to walk the walk for."

Yes. That’s why we’re better than you, you bloodthirsty moron. We don’t want to run around killing people. We’d rather sit around making ironic jokes about how much of an idiot George Bush is. Because, oddly enough, we think that sitting around making jokes about George Bush is *fun*, while running around killing people is *bad*.

Oh, and as if this case weren’t proof enough that the Bushites have lost all sense of perspective, Powerline is now busy claiming that an attempt by some rowdy youths to pelt Ann Coulter with pies was tantamount to an assassination attack, rather than an attempt to pelt an irritating nutcase with pies.

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10 thoughts on “Mark Steyn gets it in one

  1. Sorry to break it to you, but the world is run upon the agressive use of force. It’s not something to think of as *bad* or *good* in understanding this concept, it just is. You should take a bit more of a Stoic, Aurelian viewpoint in these things, Nature is what it is, denying it will not change it.

    "If you are unwilling to defend your right to your own lives, then you are merely like mice trying to argue with owls. You think their ways are wrong. They think you are dinner." — Terry Goodkind

    I refuse to be a mouse by choice.

  2. Fair point.

    I’d rather be a mouse by choice *up until the point when obliged to be an owl*, and then return to mouseing.

  3. Pelting Ann Coulter with pies? Shocking bloody waste. Much better she be pelted with little bubble packs of barbecue, honey mustard, sweet chilli or whatever-the-fourth-one-is sauce.

  4. He’s not ‘walking the walk’ himself either, is he? Someone else is off in Iraq doing that. He’s just writing a few hundred words for a newspaper, which is not a particularly risky thing to do round these parts…

  5. Oh. Damn. My extreme-right-eating fetish will have to wait for another day.

    Unless anyone fancies a slice of Jonah Goldberg?

  6. Have you seen the Powerline update?

    ‘Here in the Netherlands we were immediately reminded of the pie attack on Pim Fortuyn, the Dutch anti-muslim leader. Few months after he was subjected to a pie attack, he was killed by people with the same ultra-left background. In retrospect, the pie attack was seen as a harbinger of the mortal attack on the man who should have been our prime-minister.’

    It just gets funnier!

  7. I’m in Colombia. Next time I meet one of their journalists I’m going to say "Colombia isn’t the only place where journalists are at risk. A prominent American journalist was attacked this week… with pies."

  8. The thing about Fortuyn is now widely believed in the Netherlands. Though there is one crucial difference between the Fortuyn and Coulter incidents: the pie that hit Fortuyn contained human excrement, which does make it look less innocuous.

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