Drunken Dave’s Diatribes

It’s about time that Dave Weeden set up a sub-blog for his drunken rants. They’re always good comedy, but he always deletes them (or attempts to) in the morning, presumably because he’s attempting some kind of ‘quality control’ thing (nah, I don’t know either). A specific Drunken Dave blog would seem like the best – nay, the only – possible solution.

Oh, since this seems to be a metablogpost, interesting blogs I’ve discovered or warmed to recently include woolly-liberal-ish cultural-ish Waffle, classical-liberal-ish (I don’t mean in a ‘jokers like Civitas’ sense) Squander Two, the poor man’s The Poor Man Sadly No!, photographs of (and rants about) South London from Adam Timworth, and Stephen Newton, who badly needs a less ugly template. Maybe he could use Nick Barlow‘s old one, which Nick has dumped in favour of something hideous and sick-coloured…

Aesthetic considerations aside, links added for all.

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7 thoughts on “Drunken Dave’s Diatribes

  1. Heh. I had thought of adjusting my settings so that I couldn’t post between say, 9pm and 5am, or if I did, it would be to a different blog under a nom de bouvez; I thought ‘Will Rubbish’ would have been an apt choice. I’d have to swear even more though. I’ve yet to get round to it.
    What is it with stopping blogging? Today I’ve had an email from Daniel Davies (who hasn’t posted on his own blog since May), complaining that I’ve been depriving him of my blog, and another from David Duff which mentions in passing the "irritating American habit of reducing everyone’s Christian name to one syllable" and addressing me as ‘Dave.’

  2. As far as David D is concerned I think he only comments at communist’s places (that’s why he doesn’t comment at lenny goebbels house). He likes winding them all up. fair play to the lad. Shit I forgot to swear there. Fuck.

  3. I don’t think Damien Counsell is a communist (I believe that being in NuLabour is rather like entering the USA, in that you need to swear that you aren’t one…)

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