Woolly liberal

Crooked Timber’s Henry Farrell seems to be having a bit of a sense of humour failure.

CT commenter Bob McManus: "The right think they can destroy the system and create the Libertarian Paradise, but I am now hoping to seem them all on a gallows in my lifetime. I have never been so hopeful."

Henry: "Bob – I presume and hope for your sake that you’re trying to provoke an outraged reaction here from someone rather than make a serious claim – this is trolling in my book, and not compatible with the kinds of argument that I want to have in my comments section. You’re on your first warning. Feel free to express strong and vigorous opinions about me or whoever else – but saying that you want to string up everyone on the other half of the political spectrum is way beyond the kinds of argument I’m prepared to tolerate."

For one, it’s pretty obvious Bob was joking; for two, given how badly the current lot have cocked things up, a gallows would seem somewhat lenient.

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5 thoughts on “Woolly liberal

  1. Liberals in this country find such hopes more difficult to entertain: American libertarians are all well-armed.

    (In fact, as I type this, I have a loaded 9mm Makarov sitting on the kitchen table. Arn’t you all scared? How barbarous!)

  2. Nope. It’s just a harmless plush toy. Only used in fun activities like, you know, putting big gaping holes in violence-prone leftists. Then they become peaceful, tolerant leftists. PLUR!

    (More PLUR available at http://www.no-treason.com. Look upon my works, ye tranzi bastards, and despair!)

  3. How many have you put holed in this week then, big man? Do you fuck the holes? Do you eat the flesh?

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